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Directorate of Accounts


             The Directorate of Accounts (Inspection) has been established under the Finance Department and its functions are as follows:

 i)                    Departmental audit of the accounts of P.W.D. Divisions.

 ii)                  To ensure that excess expenditure over the budget allocation is not incurrent by the P.W.D Divisions.

 iii)                To inspect the Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries.

 iv)                To prepare the district and P.E.D Divisions-wise allocation of approved budget grants in connection with the various departments/offices and also to ensure that these are communicated in time to the Treasuries/P.W.D Divisions.

 v)                  Administration of Treasuries

vi)                Maintenance of P.L. Accounts which will be opened in favour of various P.W.D. Divisions with a view to ensure timely transfer of funds from voted budget grants to the P.L.A/Cs. The transfer of funds to P.L.A/Cs will be done on the basis of the actual expenditure in four quarterly installments.

 vii)              To submit monthly statements of expenditure and receipts. In the case of development scheme the expenditure will be scheme-wise and in the case of non-development expenditure it will be major Head-wise with some broad details. The monthly statements of actual receipts will be major Tax-wise.

 viii)            To ensure that monthly accounts of receipts and expenditure are reconciled by various Government departments with the Treasury Offices and Audit.


         At the time of starting of functions of Directorate of accounts (Inspection) the post of Director of Accounts was given to Additional Finance Secretary (Budget) which was separated later on. The functions at Sr. No. IV to VIII were transferred to Additional Finance Secretary (Budget).

Working status

            This Directorate is carrying out the work of reconciliation of telephone dues pertaining to Sindh Government and carrying out all other special assignments given by Finance Department.















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