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Services, regulation and administration wing

Section Officer (SR-I)

All Matters relating to:-

  1. Fixation of pay under services Rules from BPS-16 to BPS-22 (Gazetted).
  2. Protection of pay of Gazetted Employees.
  3. Move-over policy of all Government employees in BPS-1 to BPS-22.
  4. Grant of Advance increments to the employees in BPS-1 to BPS-16 on account of possessing higher qualifications.
  5. Grant of Advance increments to the Doctors & Engineers and other Tech. and  professional categories of employees on possessing higher qualifications.
  6. Grant of Special pay on account holding the charge of the higher post to all employees.
  7. Grant of Additional Pay on account of holding additional charge of the 2nd post (Gazetted & Non-Gazetted).
  8. War Services benefits to Gazetted Government servants.
  9. Assembly Question relating to Services Financial matters.
  10. Miscellaneous matters and circulars.
  11. Benevolent Fund Deductions Rates.
  12. Revision of pay scales.
  13. Anomalies in pay scales.
  14. Miscellaneous matters relating to pay revision.
  15. Protection of Pay/Fixation of Pay (Non-Gazetted).
  16. Miscellaneous Payment Salary of Suspension.
  17. Eid Advance Pay/Salary.

Section Officer (SR-II)

All Matters relating to:-

  1. Re-imbursement of Medical Charges (All in Sindh).
  2. Medical Treatment Abroad (All in Sindh).
  3. Policy Regarding Self-hiring facility (Secretariat).
  4. House Rent Subsidy.

Section Officer (SR-III)

All Matters relating to:-

  1. Traveling Allowance Rules/Daily Allowance:
  2. Pension Rules
  3. Regular and Other Allowances:
  4. Terms and Conditions of Deputation in .
  5. Terms and Conditions of Deputation for abroad.
  6. Terms and Conditions of Training Abroad.
  7. Terms and Conditions of Training in .
  8. Investigation of Claim (Belated Claim).
  9. Re-employment/Contract Basis.
  10. Intervening Period.
  11. Policy regarding grant of G.P.Fund advance.
  12. Uniform Rates of subscription towards (G.P.Fund).

Section Officer (SR-IV)

All Matters relating to:-

  1. Recruitment Rules.
  2. Demands of all Pakistan Associations and SENWA.
  3. Miscellaneous Matters.
  4. Leave (Study/LPR/ex-Pakistan.
  5. Grant of Fees and Honorarium.

Section Officer (Health Insurance)

All Matters relating to:-


            Health Insurance Policy.


Section Officer (SR-V)

All Maters relating to:

  1. Up-gradation of the Posts in Education Department.
  2. Re-organization of offices in Education Department.
  3. Change of nomenclature/re-designation of the posts in Education Department.
  4. Left out cases of Revision of pay scale in Education Department.
  5. Award of selection Grades to various categories of employees in Education Department.
  6. Extension of benefit of formula to all categories of Teacher in Education Department.
  7. Cases pertaining to Education Department before Ombudsman Sindh.
  8. Miscellaneous matters.

Section Officer (Admn.)

All Maters relating  to:

  1. Personnel of Finance Department.
  2. Computerization of Services Book, G.P. Funds slips, Pension and B.F. Cases.
  3. Receipt and Issue Section
  4. Maintenance of Library.
  5. Purchase & Maintenance of Department.

 Section Officer (Budget and Accounts)



All Maters relating  to:-

  1. Preparation of Department Budget.
  2. Reconciliation of Account work A.G. Office.
  3. Account and Audit of Finance Department attached departments.
  4. Department Accounts Committee
  5. Draft paras / PAC Matters.
  6. Caretaker Cell
  7. Miscellaneous.

Section Officer (Co-ordination)


All matters relating to:

  1. Directives  of
    1. The President of .
    2. The Chief Executive of .
    3. The Governor.
    4. The Chief Secretary.
  2. Press Clippings.
  3. Inter Provincial Finance Secretaries Committee Meetings.

Section Officer (Legal)


All Matters relating to:-

  1. Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assembly Question, Motions, Resolutions.
  2. Cabinet Minutes and Decision.
  3. Legal, Court Matters-Coordination.
  4. Appeals for Sindh Services Tribunal.
  5. Cases pertaining of Litigation from Services Tribunal.
  6. Assembly Questions relating to Finance Department.
  7. Cases pertaining to Education Department before Sindh Services Tribunal.
  8. Civil Appeals/Constitution Petitions relating to Education Department.

Secretary ( Pension Cases Disposal Committee ) 


      Examination of delayed Pension and G.P. Fund cases of retired Civil Servants.

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