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    Name Of Officer        Designation           Wing    Office No.
Najam Ahmed Shah Finance Secretary Finance  021-99222102
Mozzam Mari Additional Finance Secretary Budget & Expenditure 021-99222144
Siddique Ali Chandio Director Budget & Expenditure 021-99222140
Samiullah Shaikh Deputy Secretary (I) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222147
Altaf Hussain Gilal Deputy Secretary (II) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222148
Muhammad Yaqoob Magrio Deputy Secretary (III) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222149
Muhammad Mossa Deputy Secretary (IV) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222150
Muhammad Azeem Section Officer (I) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222151
Yousuf Gill Section Officer (II) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222155
Naseer Ahmed Section Officer (III) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222153
M.Mehfooz-ul-Haq Section Officer (IV) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222154
Habib-ul-Islam Section Officer (V) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222160
Noor Ahmed Khuhro Section Officer (VI) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222156
Abdul Rehman Mari Section Officer (VII) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222157
Muhammad Shahid Ansari Section Officer (VIII) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222158
Shafqat Ali Soomro Section Officer (IX) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222159
Nazeer Ahmed Kalhoro Section Officer (X) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222152
Zafar Iqbal Section Officer (XI) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222161
Mubarak Hussain  Section Officer (XII) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222162
Imran Naqvi Section Officer (XIII) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222163
Muhammad Arshad Section Officer (XIV) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222164
Syed Arif Section Officer (XV) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222165
Qurban Ali Jamali Section Officer (XVI) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222215
Jamal Muhammad Asif Section Officer (XVII) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222211
Zulfiqar Ahmed Awan Section Officer (XVIII) Budget & Expenditure 021-99222213
Asif Jahangir  Special Finance Secretary  Admin & Development 021-99222120
Nisar Ahmed Shaikh Additional Finance Secretary Admin / SR 021-99222198
Aamir Zia Isran Deputy Secretary Admin / SR 021-99222111
Shakeel Ahmed Deputy Secretary Legal / SR 021-99222202
Ms. Mehtab Begum Deputy Secretary Admin / SR 021-99222115
Mushtaq Ahmed Bhatti Section Officer  Admin / SR 021-99222109
Nek Muhammad Soomro Section Officer (M-I) Admin / SR 021-99222214
Muti-ur-Rehman Section Officer (M-II) Admin / SR 021-99222204
Muhammad Yousuf Section Officer (M-III) Admin / SR 021-99222207
Muhammad Saleem Section Officer (Sr-I) Admin / SR 021-99222203
Habib-ul-Islam Section Officer (Sr-III) Admin / SR 021-99222205
Saeed Ahmed Keerio Section Officer (Sr-IV) Admin / SR 021-99222206
Faizullah Tunio Section Officer (Legal) Admin / SR 021-99222134
Aftab Ahmed Qazi Deputy Director Development 021-99222181
Nisar Ahmed Abro Deputy Secretary Development 021-99222173
Athar Behzad Memon Deputy Secretary Development 021-99222172
Dadan Khan Lashari Section Officer (I) Development 021-99222175
Zafar Iqbal Section Officer (II) Development 021-99222174
Zaheer Mir Section Officer (III) Development 021-99222176
Saleem Ahmed Section Officer (IV) Development 021-99222177
Ghulam Hussain Bughio Section Officer (V) Development 021-99222178
Ghulam Hussain Bughio Section Officer (VI) Development 021-99222179
Yaseen Magsi Section Officer (VII) Development 021-99222180
Imtiaz Ahmed Bhatti Additional Finance Secretary Resources 021-99222122
Muhammad Pathan Abro Deputy Director Resources 021-99222143
Muhammad Aslam Soomro Deputy Secretary (I) Resources 021-99222124
Jamshad Alam Deputy Secretary (II) Resources 021-99222127
Zulfiqar Ahmed Awan Section Officer (I) Resources 021-99222128
Nisar Ahmed Shaikh Section Officer (II) Resources 021-99222118
Razi-u-ddin Section Officer (III) Resources 021-99222130
Ehtesham Asghar Section Officer (D/R) Resources 021-99222121
Mushraf Bhatti Section Officer (IV) Resources 021-99222131
Mushraf Bhatti Section Officer (V) Resources 021-99222132
Muhammad Ali Lashari Section Officer (Try.) Resources 021-99222133
Riaz Gill Additional Finance Secretary Local Finance 021-99222135
Abdul Mannan Soomro  Director Local Finance  
Dr. Aijaz Alam Deputy Secretary Local Finance 021-99222137
Nek Muhammad Soomro Section Officer (I) Local Finance 021-99222138
Zaheer Ali Section Officer (II) Local Finance 021-99222139
Shahnawaz Nadir Chief Investment Specialist (GIS). Fund Management House 021-99222188
Shahzad Ahmed Team Leader Fund Management House 021-99222119
Asad Ali Khan Director Economic Reform Unit -
Muhammad Afzal Channa Senior Program Officer (PFM) Economic Reform Unit 021-99201720
Muhammad Amir Ansari Senior Program Officer (ERU) Economic Reform Unit 021-99201721
Mrs. Safia Aamir Isran Director (PPP) Economic Reform Unit 021-99201722
Muhammad Sharif Phulpoto PO (MTBF) Economic Reform Unit 021-99201723
Abdul Rauf Samo PO (RCU) Economic Reform Unit 021-99201723
Muhammad Hasan Memon Data Base Manager (MTBF) Economic Reform Unit 021-99201724
Abdul Basit Memon Financial & Fiscal Manager Economic Reform Unit 021-99201724
Sheeraz Shabbir Mangi Cashier (ERU) Economic Reform Unit 03337116460
Ali Sibtain Naqvi DG, Public Private Partnership 021-99222192
Mrs. Sadia Wajid Director- I Public Private Partnership 021-99222191
Fahad Ansari Director- II Public Private Partnership 021-99222193
Qasim Dada A.D-I Public Private Partnership 021-99222194
Umer Afzal Siddiqui A.D-II Public Private Partnership 021-99222194
Abdul Shakoor Noonari A.D-III Public Private Partnership 021-99222186
Muhammad Sajid Hussain A.D (Tech) Public Private Partnership 021-99218220
Sanjey Talreja A.D (Legal) Public Private Partnership 021-99222186


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